You feel that telling chill in the air.  And you know what’s about to come next.  Fall.  More importantly, fall-like activities that drive women absolutely bonkers. Like apple picking and eating/drinking pumpkin everything.

But, if you need a refresher about why this is major news in August…. allow me to help.  Because, apparently, since I’m a girl, I should be the perfect fall guide to get you through another leafy season.

Actually, I’m a winter girl.  Just don’t tell anyone or they’ll revoke my girl card.

Anyways, we all remember last year’s horrible apple crop.  Thanks to the unseasonably warm winter, trees were readying themselves for an early bloom… and then that dreaded cold snap plunged temperatures into the negative teens.

The arctic blast destroyed the state’s peaches but it also wrecked acres upon acres of apple trees.  So, apple picking season 2016 turned out to be a total bust with the state yielding about 12.9 million pounds last year.

Confused if that’s a bad thing?  The state normally produces double that amount.

Anyways, since no polar vortex came knocking on our doors around February, this year’s apple crop looks bountiful as ever.  In fact, Wilton Bulletin estimates the state will produce 25 million pounds, a slight increase above average.

So, that means you can pick apples to your heart’s content.    Bishop’s and Lyman Orchards already reported a strong apple season this year, which really kicks off on September 1st.

And thanks to the plentiful rain and warm weather, the apples taste a little sweeter this year, too.  Also, apples might grow a little larger this year.

Which means, it’s a perfect storm this year and you’re going to reap all the benefits.

What’s your favorite apple?  Also, which orchard is your go-to?

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