SCOTUS has been pretty busy lately. After striking down Texas’ abortion clinic restrictions and banning domestic abusers from being able to purchase or own a gun, the highest court in the land is leaving Connecticut’s common sense gun law to the lower courts. The challenge to this law, created in the wake of the Sandy Hook Massacre in December 2012, came about by a group of gun rights activists, citing that it violated the second amendment.

By letting the decision of the lower courts stand, SCOTUS is effectively saying that it is up to the states for now, and many are pleased with the decision. Malloy, in a statement issued earlier, stated, “It should be a demonstration to states across the nation that common sense gun laws not only work — they are constitutional… During tragic times, we acted. When we saw wrong, we did what was right.”

However, many are unhappy with the decision. Some cite the Supreme Court’s nearing summer recess as a reason why they didn’t take on the case. Others say that they can only take on the case when there are nine justices, unlike now where there are eight, due to former judge Antonin Scalia’s untimely death earlier this year.  But with the GOP blocking Obama’s pick for the next Supreme Court Justice, Merrick Garland, it seems unlikely that they will get such a vote until the upcoming election.

The Supreme Court has been avoiding hearing second amendment challenges for around five years now, according to UCLA professor Adam Winkler. We may not see this change any time soon.
Many stand with Connecticut governor Dan Malloy today, celebrating the upholding of the law. In the words of Malloy himself, “as today shows, common sense has prevailed.”

Source: ABC News

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