Being internet famous is not easy. Ask anyone who has been through it, and you’ll know that the honeymoon period of virality is often followed by a “dark period” where the internet finds every little not-nice thing you’ve done.

Thankfully, Connecticut’s latest internet celebrity seems to be immune to that darker side of fame. Maybe quirky antics were the saving grace. Maybe it was a handsome face. Or maybe it’s the fact that this new celeb is actually a giant white whale.

Whatever it is, the Internet has swooned for the Mystic Aquarium Beluga Whale Wedding Crasher. Ever since its photo hit the internet last week, it’s been nonstop fun.

Apparently, Mystic Aquarium is a Connecticut hotspot for people to take some wedding photos. In fact, a very similar Beluga Whale Wedding Crasher photo was taken back in 2013! But for whatever reason, when this couple got a shot with their white whale, it took off.

Before long, it was being reported on by The Daily Mail, The New York Daily News, and Mashable. Of course, Reddit got in on the action, submitting the photo for a Photoshop Battle to end all Photoshop Battles! Just take a look at some of these submissions:

If the original image wasn’t hilarious and adorable enough, this wave of remixes was sure to do the trick. Suffice to say, this Connecticut whale was on its way to the top!

As for the rest of us, we have a new Connecticut celebrity to cherish. It’s big, it’s jolly, and unlike some celebrities, it doesn’t use its blowhole for evil. It just crashes weddings and makes the happy couple’s family portaits even more boring than they already were.

Heck, even if you’re not a fan of this whale’s antics, just be glad that Mac N Cheese Kid is no longer our latest internet celebrity.

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