Connecticut is known for a lot of things – pizza, UConn basketball, Pez, terrible traffic, more pizza – but did you know how many funny people have lived here? Here’s some of the funniest Connecticut residents to date.


Michael Ian Black

Lives in: Redding, CT


Lisa Lampanelli

From: Trumbull, CT

[youtube_sc url=”X4cBeYAa33I”]


David Letterman

Lives in: New Canaan

[youtube_sc url=”HqJx-vcVJPU”]


Kevin Nealon

From: Bridgeport

[youtube_sc url=”jGZ0nEz15Vw”]


John Ratzenberger

From: Bridgeport

[youtube_sc url=”v-D1VY8dOr0″]


Kevin Heffernan

From: West Haven

[youtube_sc url=”cIKK4AYUeNQ”]


Ted Knight

From: Terryville

[youtube_sc url=”LQMr9DvXXF8″]


Dan Levy

From: Stamford

[youtube_sc url=”Ku3y9YQJdFo”]


Seth MacFarlane

From: Kent

[youtube_sc url=”_YAx9FtPyg0″]


Dave Reilly

From: Prospect

[youtube_sc url=”riw9iH6wEzU”]


Jane Condon

From: Greenwich

[youtube_sc url=”7hSNTOvMWCU”]


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