Obviously, this week has been nuts for Connecticut. It’s April (and Spring), yet we got hit with a snowstorm. This is not the time of year we should be unable or unwilling to go outside. It’s ridiculous – it’s supposed to be 60° on the reg right now.

But I digress because it’ll be warm(er) soon enough – and then the complaints about it being too hot will be here. Along with everyone going to Connecticut’s state parks, filling up with everyone who wants to go “back to nature.”

And as annoying as that is (especially when they have to be shut down due to overcrowding), at least people are doing something other than just sitting around watching Netflix. So there’s some goodness to come from it.

Thrillist just came out with a list of the Most Underrated Place in Every State – but when it comes to Connecticut, it’s not so much that they’ve revealed somewhere “underrated” as it is “relatively unknown.”

Chatfield Hollow State Park in Killingworth is their pick. They present it as an alternative to Devil’s Hopyard, with a beach, caves, fishing, and more.

So, there it is – the secret’s out.

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