You probably don’t call it the Heroes Tunnel. Odds are you call it the West Rock Tunnel.

No matter what you call it, when driving along the Wilbur Cross Parkway, anticipate calling it Connecticut’s biggest traffic nightmare in the near future.

That’s because the state just announced renovations to be completed in 2019. $200 million in renovations to include lights, and to prevent water from flooding and concrete from falling again.

Hold on a second – while I certainly have no objection to new lighting, but flooding? In a mountain?!? And concrete from falling “again“?

And how are they going to make these repairs? Well, they could drill a third hole, but most likely both directions of traffic will have to be diverted into one section of the tunnel lanes to fix one direction, and then the reverse for the other.

So, in other words, yes – the very opposite of what we’d like the state to do will happen.

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