Well, time to take those bird feeders down because the black bears are awake.  Already several sightings pipped up around the state.  Which, on a happier note, means spring is finally here.

Fox 61 reports the first bear lumbered out of hibernation in West Granby.  The bear scoped out the hanging bird feeder before waddling back into the woods.

Later, WFSB reported that a black bear emerged in Windsor.   Looks like he hoped to find some tasty morsels in the recycling bin.

However, these sightings means that we, once again, need to start cleaning up after ourselves.  Since bear sightings are on the rise, it also means an increased chance of accidentally running into these creatures.

Our environmental officials urge us to not touch or, more importantly, feed the black bears.   When a bear loses its fear of humans, officials have to destroy it.  It becomes too big of a risk.

Which means, you need to bear-proof your house.  The first step is to take down your bird feeders.  But, more importantly, dispose of your suet since it is candy to black bears.  They absolutely adore the stuff and will break into homes for it.

Another thing you should do is to take your pet food in at night.  Some chow serves as a beacon to black bears who will come up right to your front door for a tasty snack.

Also, sealing up your garbage will help keep black bears from invading your property.  These creatures are professional dumpster divers.

Since they come equipped with sharp teeth and claws, they will tear apart your state-issued garbage bins.   In a fight of plastic vs enamel… you know who wins.

But, overall, following these steps protects YOU.  DEEP says black bears have a keen sense of smell and eyesight.  Add the fact of how intelligent they are, they’ll sniff out food no matter where you hide it.

So, unless you want damaged property and a frequent flyer in your back yard, better take precautions to keep the bears from associating your home with snack time.

Also, the state needs bears to weed out their prey, the deer, which also experienced a huge population boom.  By reducing the number of black bears, you increase the number of problem deer.

That’s why DEEP pleads with people to not touch, pet, talk to, or feed the bears.  Yes, this also extends to adorable bear cubs.

“If people do not take precautions, problem behavior by bears can increase, possibly leading to bears being removed or destroyed.”

Keep your distance and they’ll keep theirs.

Now that the state recorded its first sightings, expect to see more reports about black bears roaming about.  Just, you know, make sure it’s not from your back yard and everything will be a-okay.

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