If you’ve read anything on CT Boom in the last year, you’re aware that our state is being mismanaged into oblivion. Why? Well, every sensible adult knows that when you spend more than you make, you’re going to have problems. Unfortunately, it seems there aren’t any sensible adults running our state’s finances.

That means Connecticut is about to face some hard times. And, according to The Hartford Courant, those hard times are about to hit one of Connecticut’s most valuable resources: state parks.

I don’t know how much time any of you spend outside, but Connecticut’s outdoors are pretty damn beautiful. In the winter, snow-covered landscapes in our state are a sight to behold. In Spring, our flowers and wildlife are a reminder of all that is beautiful in the world. In summer, our ponds, lakes, and hiking trails are better means of entertainment than even the highest quality television. And in fall, our colorful leaves are the things of post cards.

The point is, despite all of Connecticut’s woes, the one thing we are blessed with is beautiful nature. And where can you see all that beautiful nature? Our state parks.

So to hear Governor Malloy explaining that our budget deficit will likely mean cuts for one of Connecticut’s most valuable and marketable assets is pretty alarming. It’s like telling your family you mismanaged the household budget, so now they can’t watch TV or use the internet.

Frankly, I’m willing to bite the bullet of cuts to our state parks. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but if that’s what it takes to get our state’s finances budget back on track, then that’s what it takes.

But there’s one caveat to that willingness: There needs to be a full detailing of every penny that is spent on Governor Malloy, followed by a plan to cut that spending as much as possible. Do that first, then we can talk about the parks.

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