Thanks to that unseasonably warm winter, we’re dealing with an unintended invasion and our gardens are paying the price.

The dreaded chipmunk population explosion, alternatively known as Chip-mania, has begun.

The Hartford Courant says that thanks to a relatively mild fall and winter, paired with a very productive maple seed season, the state is experiencing a spike in chipmunks this year.

The state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Wildlife Biologist Jenny Dickson told the Courant that, thanks to these factors, it’s a near-perfect paradise for the critters this year and their survival rating is at an all-time high.  Meaning, they celebrated with a very active breeding season.

Although these guys pale in comparison to Fishers, DEEP says chipmunks are capable of posing a threat to humans if we’re not careful.  They have been known to “cause structural damage by digging under patios, porch stairs, walls, or foundations.”

So, if you’re dealing with an exceptionally large chipmunk population and the native predators aren’t doing their job to keep their numbers under control, you can do what my father does:  Set up Have-a-heart traps around the property and relocate all those you manage to capture.

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