Pizza and comedy are two of life’s truest pleasures. Both are good at any time of day. Both can cause us to grin stupidly. And both undoubtedly increase the amount of happiness there is in the world.

But, as I learned today, combining pizza and comedy together does not always follow the logical path of good thing + good thing = 2x good thing. No, the recipe of comedy + pizza can be very, very bad.

Case in point is this satirical article posted to the website of The World We Live In, a self-described “sketch comedy show on New Haven, CT’s local public access channel CTV.” The premise of the article is that Frank Pepe’s Pizzeria, the greatest apizza-maker mankind has ever known, would no longer make apizza. Instead, having dominated the apizza game for decades, Pepe’s would aspire to conquer new territory: The Stromboli.

Now, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that this premise could never become reality. It’s just too far past the line of reason. But, for people like me who have no idea what The World We Live In is, the headline will still make your heart skip a beat (as it did mine).

And that, my friends, is why comedy and pizza do not always mix. That split-second of doubt was enough to make me well up and begin to weep for the departure of Pepe’s. Thankfully, it looks like I’ll be able to dry my tears very quickly with a delicious slice of Pepe’s apizza.

Image via Facebook/Frank Pepe’s of New Haven

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