If you need to renew your license or swap out the plates on your car, you picked a very bad time to do it.  The DMV shortened its hours this week due to the Veteran’s Day holiday.

CT Post reports that the DMV closes very early on Friday and wont’ reopen until Tuesday of next week.   Of course, this happens every year.  But, it begs to ask if any other government offices also share the same calendar.

A quick google search showed that Connecticut’s court system closes on Friday, November 10th.   Okay, so it looks like we’ll have a light commute to work on Friday.

Still, considering the long lines at the DMV, this day off rubs many the wrong way.   They already have Mondays off, so what more could they want?

True, Veterans Day honors those who served.  But the holiday falls on a Saturday this year, so why take a half day on Friday?  For those curious, the DMV closes at 12:30 that day.

And, yes, it’s closed all day on Saturday.  That’s pretty much a given.

Not to mention, with many businesses and organizations closed for the holiday, people actually have the time to wait in those lines.   True, these people can simply roll out of bed early and slide into the DMV that morning.  No big deal for the early risers.

Plus, if you have the day off on Friday and need to resolve a few things, click HERE to check out the waiting times.

But the big gripe is that the DMV closed several offices this year.   Their service to complete incredibly important tasks is woefully sub par.   In short, they need every last hour of their workday.

Luckily, if you are a AAA member, their offices will remain open this weekend to “ process replacements and renewals for driver licenses and non-driver ID cards.” So, there’s that.

Anyways, here’s a friendly FYI to those who planned on a date with the DMV.  Do you agree they earned a half day or should they have kept normal operating hours?

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