Connecticut’s drought keeps worsening.   As of today, the U.S. Drought Monitor classified 80 percent of the state with”moderate drought” conditions.

CT Post reports that only 20 percent of the state remains under the much preferable “abnormally dry” status.   Yeah, it’s not a pretty map to look at.

Here’s the official image:

The tanned shaded areas has been classified as a moderate drought, according to U.S. Drought Monitor as of Thursday, Oct. 26, 2017. Areas in yellow are classified as abnormally dry. Photo: U.S. Drought Monitor

Look at all that delicious brown.  Reminds me of what it looks like outside. Because this dry weather took out our coveted foliage season.  And, along with that, our happiness.

But, that’s the least of the bad news.  Thanks to the ongoing unseasonably warm weather, reservoir levels continue to suffer.  They’ve dwindled to a point where water utilities ordered their customers to stop watering their lawns.

On top of that, residents should still try to cut their water consumption by at least 10 percent until we’re back in the clear.

It’s believed that Tuesday’s washout did improve things a bit.  But we won’t know for sure until next week because the U.S. Drought Monitor issued its latest survey the day before that storm hit.  So, we might see some very good news next week.

Thankfully a new drought-busting storm could completely reverse any and all damage by Sunday.  Forecasters expect torrential downpours and heavy flooding to hit the state.  Although flooding isn’t fun, I think the majority of residents would rather deal with that than another major dry spell.

Just saying.

To put this odd weather into perspective, the state beat out its yearly rainfall average in April.   Officials dubbed the drought over and gave Connecticut permission to use water freely again.

So between April and now, the weather took out our reserves and threatened to take out our wells and public water supply again.

Why do you think this keeps happening?  Is it climate change or just a natural shift in weather patterns?  Either way, we all hope last year’s dry spell won’t come back anytime soon.  Or ever.

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