Finally, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel!  Connecticut’s drought is finally on the verge of collapse and that’s a very beautiful thing.

Considering that, not too long ago, the state’s drought was pretty obscene.  It was to the point that water companies were beginning to panic.

However, thanks to winter’s final snow storms, followed by an onslaught of rain, things are starting to look up.

WTNH says most of the state is now experiencing a moderate drought.  There’s also a few pockets with just “abnormally dry” conditions.  Also, southeastern Connecticut is pretty much out of the woods!

In short, things are taking a turn for the better.  Most conditions are at the best they’ve been since this dry spell started.  Apparently, the drought has reached its lowest point since last July.  You know, when all hell started to break loose.

Overall, nearly 90 percent of the state is now considered abnormally dry while 23 percent of it is still experiencing a “severe drought.”  Hey, a little over a month ago, that number was up to 83 percent.

Crazy what a couple of monsoons can do, huh?

However, with precipitation totals practically blowing last year’s amounts out of the water (pun intended,) that remaining percentage will hopefully evaporate (pun also intended.)

So far, weather forecasters predict we’ll see an additional 2 inches of rain in the next two weeks, which will put us right on track for a normal rainy season.

Still, Connecticut has ways to go before making a complete recovery.  Rainfall totals haven’t been up to par for several years now, so it’s gonna take some time to undo the damage.

Hence why water companies are still upholding the irrigation ban.  But, they have loosened up on some other restrictions.  People can now use a hose to fill pools and wash their cars.  However, watering lawns is still considered a no-no.

Water companies will reevaluate their restrictions sometime next month.  But, in the meantime, we can safely enjoy a bubble bath without the guilt!

When do you think the drought will finally end?

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