Fall is an interesting time of year. The leaves magically change colors. The air gets especially crisp. And, for reasons beyond my understanding, people put gourds on their porches.

It’s a tradition that is aesthetically pleasing but, on face value, makes absolutely no sense. And this year, that tradition may be in some serious danger.

If you haven’t heard, Connecticut has been struggling with a pretty serious drought this summer. And after months of not enough rain, farmers throughout the state are struggling. Now that September has rolled around, that struggle means our pumpkins are at stake.

According to a report from WTNH, many farmers are included in the state’s 2 million people living in drought. Those conditions have led to fewer pumpkins overall, and the ones that did grow successfully stayed much smaller than in a typical, wetter year.

So what does that mean for us and our porch gourds? Well, the cause¬†might not be totally lost. According to the report, many farmers will simply import pumpkins from other states to make up the difference. That’s nice for those looking to carve a normal-sized pumpkin, but it’s a bummer for those who take pride in purchasing local pumpkins and supporting Connecticut businesses.

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