It’s been 81 years since an alcoholic beverage has been poured in the small town of Bridgewater, Connecticut. That’s because back in 1935, the town passed an ordinance that would make it a “dry,” alcohol-free zone, and nothing had changed since.

That is, until the Bridgewater County Fair last weekend. Since the town voted to overturn their ordinance in 2014, the clock had been ticking until someone finally tapped a keg and poured a beer, and according to FOX 61, time ran out at the fair.

The report said firefighters passed around the inaugural beverage at what was described as a “ceremonial sale.”

We all should know by now that just because a town is “dry” doesn’t mean that people aren’t drinking. You can just drive to the next town, grab your six pack, and take it home. So this whole ban thing was largely ceremonial in and of itself.

But, we also all probably know the incredible feeling of sitting down in front of an ice cold glass of beer after we haven’t had one in a while. Maybe we had a stressful day or even a long week at work, or maybe we’re just celebrating, but when you haven’t had a drink in a while, there’s something special about that first sip.

Imagine that feeling, multiplied by 81 years. That honestly sounds incredible, and maybe even makes the whole dry town thing a little bit worth it, just to have that first sip at the end of it all.

Either way, congratulations Bridgewater. You did what everyone knows you were going to do eventually: You came to reason and realized that booze is better than no booze, forever and always.

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