For months now, we’ve watched out state slowly drift into financial oblivion after time and again it apparently wrote checks it couldn’t cash. And, when a government can’t balance its checkbook, things get bad, and they get bad fast. Enter wave after wave of layoffs.

We watched as people working for the state lost their jobs. As the state proposed a mileage tax on all drivers. As Connecticut demonstrated just how little it understood about budgeting. And as our state proved to the world that it’s a disaster without any sign of improving.

Now, more layoffs are the on the horizon and it seems like there’s nothing we can do about it. According to Darien Patch, the Connecticut Department of Developmental Services is laying off 400 employees to go with the 189 it laid off earlier this year.

I know that sometimes I’m a stickler for details, but it sure seems like these aren’t the people who should be losing their jobs. These aren’t the people who made the budget. These aren’t the people that saw an amount assigned to expenditures and a lower amount assigned to income and decided to spend now and ask questions later. These are people who were hired and went into work and did their jobs.

The state is a mess, and every headline we read is a bad one. And you know what? I’d be perfectly willing to tolerate terrible headline after terrible headline if at least we were working toward something better. But as far as I can tell, our leaders have dug us into a hole too deep to dig out of without making things worse before they get better.

So get comfortable, Connecticut. These layoffs surely aren’t the end of what is becoming a long, tiresome, and brutal ride.

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