Put your paws up for some good news!  New Haven just opened its doors to Connecticut’s first cat cafe, Mew Haven Cat Cafe!  Basically, you snuggle with cats while sipping on your favorite coffee for as long as you like!

Plus, all the cats there are 100 percent adoptable!

CT Post reports that Mew Haven will only open for a limited time, like a trial run, until the 13th.  So, if you want to cuddle some adorable homeless kitties, go now!

As someone who comes from a family of rescued animals, including my own 6-year-old rescue cat named Phoebe, I cannot wait to visit this place.  I firmly believe in “Adopt Don’t Shop.”  These cafes are a perfect and low key way for potential pet parents to scope out their new fur baby.

Also, the cats enjoy unlimited attention all day long.  By the time they go home with you, they’re 100 percent socialized and ready for you to fawn all over them.  In some ways, they bomb proof the cats by exposing them to as many people as possible.

If you want an extroverted kitty who loves the limelight, consider adopting a cat from Mew Haven.

This place also operates as a sanctuary for those who love cats but cannot have one of their own.  For example: those married to a person with allergies or those living in pet-restricted rentals.  No matter the case, this cat cafe welcomes any and all cat lovers.

So, here’s what going to a cat cafe is like.  The cafe is set up in two rooms, where the food is served in the lobby and then there’s an area just for cats. You know, health code regulations and all that mumbo jumbo.  You can’t have cats roaming where you prepare the food.

Also, it keeps the kitties from bum rushing the entrance, too.

After buying a warm cuppa whatever, like tea, you also buy your place in line to go play with the kitties.  That payment goes towards the cats and the shelter they came from.

Then, once it’s your turn to enter the cat room, you can bring your drink with you as you cuddle and kiss the kitties  to your hearts content.  The cat cafe also offers up toys for you to teach them how to play, like catnip mice, jingle balls, and laser pointers.

Founder Angela Pullo hopes for a full opening in the spring once the trial period ends.  Pullo said she and her husband became inspired to open a cat cafe of their own when visiting one in NYC:

“All of a sudden, this trend started happening, where you saw different cat cafes opening up.  We started getting curious. We started reading up on them and one day, he was like, ‘Why don’t we open up?’”

As of 2014, 28 cat cafes opened up in 15 different states. There’s also cat cafes all over the world, like the Tot the Cat Cafe I visited in Toronto in August.  Best.  Decision.  Ever.  I pet so many cats, you guys…

See that look in my eye? That’s the moment I realized my destiny as the future Crazy Cat Lady

That’s why Mew Haven has been in the works since 2015.   So, you know a lot of thought, love, and planning went into creating this unique cafe in Westville.

As of now, Mew Haven Cat Cafe has five kitties for you to play with.  All of them came  from The Animal Haven in North Haven. Fingers crossed they all find their forever homes before the store closes, so they get to spend their first Christmas with a loving family.

Their names are Sandy, Chicken Cutlet, Hanger Steak, Sonny,  and Rizzo.  Each kitten has a unique and distinct personality.  For example, Sandy is a total sweetheart while Sonny is a curious type.

If you wish to check it out and play with the kitties, schedule your appointment HERE and be sure to spread the word of this awesome new place!  Visit Mew Haven at 904 Whalley Avenue in New Haven.

Mew Haven also came up with a short video to introduce you to their adorable cafe and let you (virtually) meet their cats:

Will you visit Mew Haven? You know I DEFINITELY will!

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