Here in Connecticut, we’ve been enjoying a pretty nice streak with our gas prices. Sure, they’ve slowly been rising. But for the most part, prices have stayed under $2.50 per gallon.

Well, that’s all about to come to an end. According to the CT Post, AAA is estimating our gas prices will spike by 40 cents per gallon this summer.

As the report points out, that is thankfully no where near the highest price Connecticut has ever seen. That was a whopping $4.32 per gallon back in 2008.

But still, 40 cents per gallon is no joke. When you fill up every week (or more) to get you to and from work, that’s some serious dough you’re shelling out.

Now, I don’t know if gas has an expiration date, but it sure seems like it would be wise to stock up on gas while the price is low. There will be a lot of overhead in the form of those red canisters, but you’ll earn all that back in the form of the pride you’ll feel muttering “suckers” to yourself while everyone else waits in line at the pump and you’re driving around with 150 gallons of pure, unleaded gold in your trunk.

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