Just when we actually started to enjoy the relatively low gas prices, they’re on the rise once again.  So, start saving your pennies.  It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

New Canaan Advertiser reports that gas prices around the nation accelerated this week due to a rise in demand.  Well, yeah, that makes sense.

Now that we’re not sacrificing our first and second borns to fill up our tanks, more people want to go out and do stuff.  Like go to restaurants, amusement parks, and the beaches.  You know, typical summer activities.

Considering gas prices hit an all time low on a holiday weekend, the first since 2005-ish, everyone and their mom made plans.  The amount of cars on the roads smashed practically every record.

So, many got to enjoy a healthy serving of summer holidays without worrying about gas prices. But, that comes at a price.   And now we have to pay up.

The rise of demand strained global oil supplies and drained inventories.  True, that signaled to the U.S. that it’s time to ramp up our own production.  But, it’ll take awhile before that starts to affect the price we pay at the pump.

So, gas prices went up about 2 cents this week, bringing our state average to $2.44 a gallon.  That’s about a penny higher than this time last year, so it’s not all that bad.

However, the national average for a gallon of regular hit $2.28.  So, we know we could be doing a lot better had it not been for our pesky gas tax…es.

Meanwhile, South Carolina laughs at us all while filling up their tank on a $1.99.  I know, how rude.

But, we could be dealing with Hawaii’s prices, which still skim above the $3-a-gallon line.  Or, California, whose prices jumped to $2.91 a gallon.

All in all, CT’s prices ain’t half bad considering what they could be.  In all, we have the 11th highest gas prices in the nation.  It’s kinda weird not being in the top ten (or top 3) but… we’ll take it.  We’ll take whatever reprieve we can get, am I right?

Anyways, here’s AAA’s weekly survey of our state prices:

  • Greater Bridgeport/Stamford $2.52
  • New Haven/Meriden $2.40
  • Greater Hartford $2.42
  • New London/Norwich $2.47
  • Statewide average $2.44

What’s it looking like in your area?  In Milford, it’s about $2.39 a gallon.  But, I heard rumors that you can get gas in Middlebury for $2.09.  Can someone confirm?

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