Remember 2009? Probably not. But if you were driving around Connecticut in 2009, you can totally appreciate that gas today is as cheap in Connecticut as it was in 2009!

I’m sure you noticed just how cheap it was as you were visiting relatives over the past two weeks. But as you were traveling, were you actually paying for the cheapest gas in Connecticut as you possibly could?

Let’s see the latest from

Congratulations, North Branford! You’ve kicked off the year with the cheapest gas I’ve seen in forever – $1.79 at the Sunoco at Forest and Middletown!

And shame on you, Greenwich…still charging your poor citizens $2.89 for a gallon of regular at the Shell at Railroad and Arch.

WTNH has more information (but please stay away from the comments section…it’s mostly about Obama and/or Malloy).

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