No, it’s not a hallucination.  Gas prices really did jump, like, 10 cents in the past week.

Okay, maybe not by that much but it sure felt like it.  Driving to work with prices around $2.61 and on the drive home, you pass the same gas station with the price set to $2.68.  Not fair and not fun.

It also doesn’t help this comes at a really bad time, as in, toll talks.

WTNH reports that gas prices shot up like a rocket all over the country.  Apparently, this price hike is because crude oil prices went up by 65 cents.  Still, nowhere near the point which drove prices around the nation to $4 a gallon.

Officials also remarked on near-record crude oil exports that drove up the price at the pump.  So, that means inventories took a hit due to increased demand.  Actually, inventories dropped for 10 straight weeks.

Which means 2018 may be more a expensive year than originally thought.

Currently, the average price of a gallon of regular will cost you $2.72 in CT.  Nationally, the average is $2.58.  For those not keeping track about why so many people hate this price hike… prices were 30 cents less around this time last year.

Unfortunately, it seems gas prices show absolutely no sign of falling.  This upwards trend seems poised to continue for the next several weeks.

Will we see prices above $3 a gallon?  I sure hope not because the current price for a barrel of oil remains under $70… ergo not even half of their record high of $150 which sent prices soaring to $4.

Could gas prices return to their record high?  I hope not because the car industry will definitely start pushing their smart  cars.  And we’ll probably buy them.

Either way, buckle up those wallets, kids.  We’re in for a bumpy ride.

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