After wasting away for decades on the market, Connecticut’s very own ghost town finally has a new owner!  Honestly, it’s about time someone came along to breathe life into this historical landmark.  Everyone and their mother wanted a hero to come along and save it.

Heck, CT Boom tried to hold a fundraiser to buy the land.  Unfortunately, we only managed to raise two paperclips and a discontinued WPLR Frisbee.  There’s a rumor someone threw us a $20, but someone stole it to buy snacks.


CT Post reports that a religious organization snapped up the former mill town of Johnsonville.  So, either we’re getting Holy Land USA 2.0 or the ultimate golf club for Church of Christ followers.

Because that’s exactly who forked over the cash for this 62 acre plot.  Iglesia Ni Cristo, also known as INC of the Philippines, now own the deed to Johnsonville.  Ghosts and all.

500 church members flocked to the site to celebrate the freshly inked transaction.  And now, the rebuilding can begin.  They plan on changing the town into their personal sporting and recreation park.

Then again, they scored over 60 acres of land for the low price of $1.85 million.  After sprucing up the place and breathing life into the disheveled buildings, they could easily build a multi-million dollar complex.  In short, these people know how to invest and get their money back.  In abundance.

But, it’s uncertain if this place will be just be open to their church members.   But, all quotes seem to confirm that’s INC’s intent.  Then again, it’s their private property now.  They can do whatever they want with it.

So, sorry, guys!  Hope none of you secretly pinned your wedding dreams on getting that famous Victorian Church or the old barn once they open back up.   Although, you can be comforted with the knowledge that the buildings will be renovated beautifully.

Apparently, rehabilitating large crops of land in disrepair is their jam.  Or something.  I mean, check out what they did to this New Jersey church!

So, you can only imagine what they’ll accomplish with our soon-to-be former ghost town.  I just hope they document everything so I can live vicariously through the photos.

Maybe they’ll open things up for a public grand tour once they complete everything.  One can only dream.

Johnsonville isn’t INC’s only CT property.  Actually, that’s far from it.  They also own locations in Bristol, Stamford, and Windham.

So, what do you think?  What big plans does INC have for Johnsonville?  Do you think they’ll keep it private or will they rent portions of it out for weddings like the former tenant?

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