Happy Groundhog’s Day!  Today is the day America’s one and only Punxsawtawney Phil gets to bathe in the limelight.   We rely on him, and only him, to tell us when Spring is coming.

Yeah, try explaining to a foreigner that Americans take their weather cues from rodents.  I dare you.

Anyways, there’s drama in the groundhog kingdom this morning.  Connecticut’s own furry meteorologist is saying we shouldn’t trust Phil’s forecast this year.  Apparently, it’s dead wrong.

Let’s go back to this morning.  NPR says Punxsawtawney Phil somehow managed to see his shadow today.  Even though there wasn’t an ounce of sunshine in the skies this morning.  According to him, that means we have to sit through six more weeks of winter.

But take his prediction with a grain of salt.  Especially today.  His handlers say Phil was acting like a total diva this morning.  If you need a comparison: think Mariah Carey.  So, let’s collectively believe in the winter predictions from the non-bitey and screaming rodents.

I mean, would you trust a squealing groundhog that’s being hoisted in the air like he’s in The Lion King?  I think not.

Alternatively, WTNH says Connecticut’s groundhog, Chuckles, was in a rather pleasant mood this morning.  She took her one day of work very seriously and said she saw no shadow whatsoever.

She wasn’t the only groundhog who accused Phil of being full of it.  Staten Island Chuck, who boasts of having the most accurate forecast of all, also didn’t see his shadow.  His accuracy level is about 80% so…

Shubenacadie Sam, Canada’s own prognosticating rodent, one upped Chuck and Chuckles.  He romped and rolled around his snowy enclosure this morning.  Safe to say that he also didn’t see his shadow.

So, there you have it.  Forget Phil and embrace Chuckles’ prediction.  Brace yourselves… spring is coming.

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