Congratulations to the best little league team in Connecticut.  The Fairfield American won their regional championship on Saturday by defeating South Portland, Maine, 10-0.  Now, they head to the Little League World Series.

CT Post reports that getting to the Series was no easy feat.  And, now, the challenge will only got bigger.  Because they now have to square off against the mighty Mid-Atlantic champions, the Holbrook Little League of Jackson, N.J.  The first New Jersey team to ever make it that far in the league.

So, you can bet Holbrook will come out swinging.

Fairfield American manager Mike Randazzo, who will retire at the end of the season, doesn’t appear shaken.  In fact, he’s more than excited for this new adventure.  He told the press during a press conference:

“I don’t care how much we’re down, if we’re down, because these boys will keep battling.  Rest assured, we will play good defense, we will pitch and we will get timely hits and contributions from all 14 kids on this team.”

Last year, Rhode Island knocked the American out of their World Series dream during the New England Regional Championships.  So, many players on that team felt that sting through this season.

Despite that, they still persevered with an awe-inspiring undefeated season.  The earned the District 2 title after winning 9 straight games.  They then went on to collect the Section 1, state and New England titles after a three-game series sweep.

Should Fairfield overcome the Mid-Atlantic champ, they’ll play 11am on Sunday against the winners of the West Region-Northwest Region game.  If they lose, they still have a shot in the losers bracket game at 3 p.m Saturday.

But, many believe the team will rally to keep their undefeated streak going.  The Fairfield American, along with Coach Randazzo, want this victory so bad.  Plus, they have the backing support of the entirety of Connecticut.

Win or lose, we’re super jazzed about Fairfield’s triumph.

Here, listen to Coach Randazzo on the Chaz & AJ Morning Show on 991 PLR where he talks about his stunning victory on Saturday.  After listening, tell me, how could you not root for this team?

Good luck, Fairfield!  The Little League World Series won’t know what hit it.

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