There’s not a lot that can capture all of Connecticut’s attention. With a state divided by sports loyalties, nearest major city, and even weather patterns, it’s rare to find a story that can get the whole state to turn away from whatever they’re doing and pay attention.

But after a snowy weekend, that story happened early this week when a deer got stuck on the ice along the Farmington River in Simsbury. According to NBC Connecticut, the deer was chased onto the ice by coyotes, fell in the water, managed to climb out, and then spent several hours stuck on the ice and trying desperately to get to shore.

As far as compelling winter stories go, this one had it all. A cute animal we all felt bad for. The dreaded elements playing the villain. Live video cut-ins with breaking news graphics (you can debate whether a deer on the ice is breaking news, but it made the story more exciting). And, of course, a daring rescue effort. Watch:

After Connecticut was glued to its televisions watching this deer work tirelessly to save its own life, Connecticut’s brave and caring first responders stepped in. Sadly, it seems it was too late.

NBC Connecticut later reported that officials observed that the deer had not moved much since being rescued. The deer had to be euthanized by a veterinarian, who determined it had broken both its shoulder and its jaw.

Nevertheless, this is a moment Connecticut can be proud of. Some people out there might make the point that humans are best to let nature take its course, but I’m not one of those people. When I see an animal with as much fight as this deer had, I think it deserves a shot at making it. Heck, it fell in the water¬†then climbed back onto the ice! Not many humans could pull that off, let alone an awkward young adult deer.

So while it didn’t end the way most of us would have wanted, there’s something to be said for giving an animal a chance to survive an ordeal like this one.

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