And here we were hoping the good news train was gonna continue.  Nope!  That thing derailed and wiped out thanks to this new report.   Connecticut has the largest income inequality in the nation.

Okay, we know that.  We tried denying it.  Then we tried ignoring it.  We even tried giving the title to California.  I mean, they are bigger than us.

But, at the end of the day, Fairfield still neighbors Bridgeport.  So, it’s time we embrace Connecticut’s most problematic feature.

The Hour reports that out of America’s 100 largest metropolitan areas with the worst income inequality, Fairfield County came in at numero uno.   Shocker.

Fairfield County Community Foundation is behind the study.  They based their findings on income, housing cost burden, and commute time.   They also looked at overall residential satisfaction and well-being.

Turns out Fairfield County’s middle class is shrinking at an alarming rate – a whopping 16 percent since 1980.  Also, the amount of people living in poor neighborhoods jumped 3.5 times since.

Bridgeport was the main reason why Fairfield County scored so low.  The city offers the highest cost burden, underemployment, and obesity rates.

But the biggest shocker on the low-side of the list was Stratford!  It’s a relatively upscale neighborhood, but it ranked 2nd lowest in overall well-being.

Overall, the average of Fairfield County’s top earners is roughly $559,000.  That’s 18 times what the bottom 20 percent earn.

However, if you’re looking for the silver lining, here it is.  County residents have a lower death rate, smoking rate, and affordable health insurance.

The masterminds behind the study say they finally have “concrete data” to accept what other reports have been telling us for years.

So, does that mean our politicians can stop denying what’s been said all along and finally do something about it?  Oh, wait.  Don’t answer that.

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