Like it or not, Connecticut will see legalized weed one day or another.  The question is: when?  Well, looks like it’s coming sooner than we all thought.  As in, the new budget.

However, that didn’t stop politicians from trading some rather minced words.  Democrat fought Democrat over whether or not implementing legal weed would bring the funds they desperately seek.

CT Post reports that now that Governor Malloy effectively killed the GOP budget, everything is back on the table. So, things we once believed we were safe from are back for round two.  Like tolls.  And, oh, how we love tolls.

Now our lawmakers say they’ll raise $900 million a year.  Oh, yes, it’s a scary time. And not because it’s Halloween.

But, the discussion of legalizing weed completely hijacked talks.  The concept that bringing that leafy green substance into the light will yield a maximum of $180 million annually.   Yes, lawmakers practically salivated at the projection.

However, some Democrats, like Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff of Norwalk, cautioned his counterparts to tread carefully.  He warned weed can’t simply be “slammed into a budget.”

“It has to be done carefully with a look at the pitfalls and proper protections for children.  Before you legalize it you need a plan in place that makes sense.”

However, instead of his fellow lawmakers nodding sagely at his advice, they stuck their noses up and laughed.  State Rep. Chris Rosario, an ardent supporter of tolls, said Duff’s resistance to weed is rooted in the fear of losing the next year’s election.

Rosario also noted of the numerous nationwide polls showing that a growing number of voters approve of legalization.  Rosario also smugly added, “If you do your job and maximize revenue, you will be fine next year.”

By that logic, we should all vote them out of office since it’s day 102 and we still don’t have a budget.

Just stating the facts there, Rosie.

Anyways, looks like weed might come to our state sooner than expected.  Our state’s voracious need for money finally claimed victory in the great legal weed debate.

Meanwhile, our lawmakers brought up the issue of bringing back tolls, but House Majority Leader Matt Ritter said they simply don’t have the votes in the General Assembly.  So, that ends that.  For now.

However, with a new election cycle knocking on our door, and depending on how Connecticut votes, tolls might come back to the table next year.

So if you don’t want tolls, vote for representatives who say they’re unnecessary.   However, if you believe weed is the solution to all our budget woes, you know what to do in November.

Either way, do you think politicians resisting weed do that because they’re afraid of losing votes?  Or, do they have a valid reason for voting against weed legalization?

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