Our very own Merritt Parkway, with her dangerous curves, will go under the knife.   And, actually, it’s for the best.

Norwalk Daily Voice reports that the State DOT plans to tackle the Merritt Parkway’s four sharpest curves.  It’s because that area causes the most accidents and traffic backups.  So, your commute might shrink in size once the project’s complete.

Contractors will pour High Friction Surface Treatment on those areas.   To be more specific, that’s by exit 31, between Taconic Road and Lake Avenue.

After it sets, cars will have better grip in those areas and prevent future rollovers.  The curves themselves will undergo superelevation improvements to make them more manageable, too.

The reason so many people lose control in those areas is all thanks to speeding.  The Merritt Parkway is a largely straight highway, but those curves come at you fast and catch many drivers off guard.

So, if someone’s racing along in their Porsche and don’t anticipate how sharp those curves are… bye bye Porsche.  And this happens… a lot.

However, this project won’t start until the summer and, thankfully, the federal government covered most of the price tag.   Design work should wrap up in January and, soon, we’ll have an easier ride on the Merritt!

Unfortunately, the state won’t hold a public comment session on the project itself.  So, if you wish to learn more about it, call William Britnell, principal engineer, at 860-594-3274.  He also has email, william.britnell@ct.gov.

Just make sure you explain what project you want to discuss, which is No. 0173-0484.

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