When you think of Connecticut’s most diverse city, places like Hartford or Waterbury might spring to mind.  However, that’s not the case.  In fact, a relatively small city claimed top honor in a new national roundup.

Newstimes reports that Danbury is actually the state’s most diverse city.  This all came from a brand new Wallethub survey.  So, you know how ultra-scientific those lists can be.

Surprising absolutely no one, Jersey City perched atop the list this year, closely followed by Houston.  New York City rounded out the top five.

But what about CT?  Where does our state show up on the list?  Actually, we didn’t fare that bad at all.  In fact, the cities that made the list both came in the top 15!

Danbury came in 12th overall, which is up one spot from last year.

Even better, Stamford placed immediately after.  It ranked 13th in this year’s list.

So, how did Wallethub determine their rankings?  Well, they compared 501 of the nation’s largest cities.  Then they evaluated them based on financial and economic data.

They also looked into several key factors, ranging from cultural and religious diversity.

In order to determine which cities claimed the “most diverse” title, the survey also looked into education equality, local salary, and amount of languages spoken.

Considering how well CT ranks when it comes to education, that definitely boosted our numbers.

Danbury ranked 40th overall in cultural diversity.  It also ranked high in socioeconomic diversity in 57th place.   However, Stamford slightly outperformed them in both areas: coming in 25th and 13th, respectively.

But, then Danbury slowly pulled away from the crowd, beating the competition in economic and household diversity.  While The Hat City ranked 140th and 151st in those areas, Stamford ranked 365th and 265th.

Both tied in religious diversity: in 162nd place.

However, the cities totally differ in terms of size, so they were also pitted against other cities with similar populations.

Stamford ranked 2nd overall in the mid-size city category while Danbury ranked 4th overall in the small city category.

So, are you surprised that Stamford and Danbury bested Hartford and New Haven?  Also, how do you think our state’s demographics will change in the coming years?  Let me know in the comments below!

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