Connecticut isn’t really known as a home to the rich and famous. More like the rich and random.

So when we get a celebrity visit, it’s kind of a big deal. That notion alone has made the last 5 days complete insanity as the biggest politicians in the country have descended upon our state.

But, as you may know, one of those politician’s spouses might be a bigger name than all of them. That’s right: The one, the only Bill Clinton was in town over the weekend.

And, as any good Yale alum should, Bill hit up his old stomping grounds in New Haven, including the nationally renowned Frank Pepe’s Pizzeria.

The New Haven Register reported that Clinton stopped in at Pepe’s last Thursday with a ton of Secret Service agents, but that he still made time to shake everybody’s hand and take a few pictures.

A few thoughts on this. First, it is cool as hell that Clinton just rolls into pizza joints and hangs out with us common folk everyone once in a while – really keeps his reputation fresh. Second, good on the people who got pictures with the man – this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and you always have to make the most of it.

But finally, I am a little disappointed nobody tried to give the man a slice!

Normally I act like a starving hyena with my Pepe’s pizza. Come within 5 feet of me and my pie and I will literally bite your neck. It will be weird and unpleasant. But for President Bill Freakin’ Clinton you gotta offer up a slice or two! The man walked into Pepe’s and left without apparently taking a bite of pizza.

I mean, I hope he got a pie to go and went to town in the car, but still, there would be nothing cooler than sharing your pie with a president. Step up your game, Pepe’s customers!

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