With Halloween over, the holidays are so close we can almost touch them. However, it seems Thanksgiving is always overlooked, but come on it is a time to gather with family and, of course, FEAST – what could be better than that?

But with the feast comes great responsibility. Whose house are we going to? Who’s cooking? Do I know how to cook a turkey? Can a turkey even fit in my oven?

There’s no doubt, a lot of work goes into a Thanksgiving meal, especially with all of the side dishes. Luckily, Google is always there to tell you just how to cook your favorite Thanksgiving side. So, what is Connecticut’s most Googled Thanksgiving dish?

In 2016, Business Insider called upon Google’s researchers to mull over five years of data and find out which distinct recipe – not the most popular, like pies and turkey – reigned supreme in each of the 50 states.

Connecticut’s pick? Sweet potatoes, a Thanksgiving staple.

Some recipes on the list, however, will make you scratch your head. For example, New York’s most distinct recipe was flan; Oregon’s was mulled wine. Different strokes for different folks I assume.

No matter what your favorite dish is, Thanksgiving is a time when you can eat your heart out and not feel guilty about it. And, if you do feel guilty, you can burn off the calories fighting over a half-off flat screen TV on Black Friday.

To see the full list of most Googled recipes in each state, click here.

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