Although our politicians like to proclaim CT as the best state to live in, they couldn’t be more wrong.  Actually, we didn’t even come close to the top or bottom of the pack.  Instead, we managed to land somewhere in the middle.  More importantly, we managed to avoid the bottom half, too!

WTNH reports that a new national survey ranks CT the 24th best state to live in.  So, the only bragging rights we have is that we’re kinda okay.  Also, there should be some relief that we didn’t make the lower half of the list, either.

The U.S. News and World Report focused on several key indicators for their latest roundup.  They compared elements such as health care, quality of life, and economy to determine the results.

And, as expected, CT had good and not-so-good findings.

Since I like good news first, here’s what worked in our favor.

Healthcare, unsurprisingly, was our best feature.  We ranked 4th overall thanks to our high insured rate and quality health care.  However, that was the only key indicator that made the top 10.

Our second best quality, surprisingly, was crime and corrections.  We ranked 8th overall due to our low incarceration rate.  Yeah, unsure how we came that high but I guess we’ll take what accolades we can get.

Thirdly, unsurprisingly, was education.  The report ranked us 14th overall.  So, it’s still good but not great.  Certainly not enough to make us warrant the title of “best state.”

Our last “decent” quality happened to be our “opportunity,” which I guess means equality.  But, looking at the indicator, opportunity also extends to affordable housing and equality for all.  Connecticut, notoriously, rarely performs well in this particular sector.  Also, we have this major income inequality thing going on.  So, that’s why we came in 29th.

Now onto the bad news.

Our quality of life, to put it lightly, sucks.  According to the survey this state has the 38th best quality of life score.  This score affects air quality, voter turnout, social support, and pollution.

Then, even worse, is our Infrastructure and Fiscal Stability.   We showed up in 41st place for both these rankings.  We know both of these suck.  All we need to do is look at our Special Transportation  Fund and look at our abundance of potholes to know that.

Then, last but not least, our economy.  Yes, we ranked 43rd best in this particular roundup.  With our historically large exodus, budget fiasco, and looming recession… yeah, it makes sense.

So, why weren’t we ranked even worse?  Well, the report weighed some factors more heavily than others.  They put more emphasis on healthcare and education, both of which we performed relatively well in.

Thankfully, they were enough to keep us from falling into the bottom half of the list.

As for the best states in this year’s roundup, that would be Iowa, followed by Minnesota, and Utah.

As for the worst of the worst?  You’re looking at Louisiana, Mississippi, and New Mexico.

So, what do you think?  Do you think this report got it right or do you think they should have tweaked their findings just a little bit?

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