I will admit, when I saw the headline “First of its kind breast milk depot opens in Connecticut” on WFSB’s website, I chuckled a little. The first mental image was a small store with wall-to-wall refrigerators filled with gallon and half-gallon cartons labeled “Breast Milk.”

Suffice to say, my immature mind did not grasp the possibility that a Breast Milk Depot might open for very legitimate, very serious health reasons.

But according to WFSB’s report, that is very much the case. It is so that “nursing mothers can donate their extra milk for premature babies whose mothers don’t produce enough,” the report said.

That’s such a noble cause and, more importantly, a profound piece of Connecticut history. If this breast¬†milk depot is truly a first of its kind, our state is playing a large role in helping babies stay healthy and grow up to be strong, successful adults!

I don’t know that there’s every going to be a time when I stop giggling at the name Breast Milk Depot, but every time I do, I’ll know deep down that despite my immature chuckles, the place with the funny name is doing a very cool thing for Connecticut’s children and their mothers.

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