Finally a way to satisfy your need for boozy brunch without the guilt of drinking your Saturday away! The Elm City Park Bike has officially arrived in New Haven. You might’ve seen it cruising around the New Haven St. Patrick’s Day Parade, but let’s be honest, if you were there you were probably deep in a green beer blackout.

The 15-person bike, equipped with tables and cupholders, allows you and 14 of your booziest friends to tour the city and stop along the way at downtown bars and restaurants. Obviously don’t invite your lazy friends because you do have to pedal your pub crawl yourself. There’s a guide who will steer for you, because laws, and will probably shout out random Yale facts and where the burger was invented, but let’s assume the guy’s a party since his job consists of steering drunks around town.

The sun is shining on us today with a great birthday party crew!

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Fun hosting @newenglandbrewing on the bike with our special guest bartender beauty!

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