Our fair state has been on a roll lately with new ways to get drunk and be merry.

It all started when New Haven gave us an answer to the age old question of “Should we hit the bar, or play some games at the arcade?” The answer, of course, is both. Barcade will be here soon enough.

New liquor laws followed quickly behind, allowing us to purchase booze later into the day and even giving our wonderful bowling alleys the option to serve up drinks before the clock strikes noon.

All of it makes sense, since Connecticut has a now-scientifically-proven reputation for drinking more than our fair share. And today, a new contender for our beer-soaked dollars enters the ring: The Board Room in Middletown.

Ok, so the sad truth is that the place doesn’t have a beer and liquor license yet. BUT, if a comment from Reddit user melsmariah on Connecticut’s subreddit are to be trusted, they’re working on it. And that right there is all we needed to here.

A place that offers up all the greatest board games, both classic and new, while serving us plentiful (and freshly baked) chocolate chip cookies and milk and (hopefully in the future) a beer or two, is a place that we want to be. Maybe one day they’ll add in some nachos and burgers, so long as we all promise not to get grease and cheese on the game pieces. Then it will be heaven. Pure heaven.

The only downside is that once they start serving adult beverages, we all have to stay away from the Monopoly. We’ve all seen how it ends when the players are sober. If they’re drunk, someone is going to end up getting shanked.

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