I never heard of Open House day until now, and I’m kinda bummed I didn’t know about this sooner.  This one-day-only statewide event looks AWESOME.

I mean, it’s the perfect staycation, too.

For the past 13 years, Connecticut’s thrown an Open House Day, which showcases the state’s history, culture, and hidden gems.

Which means, for you, some of  Connecticut’s coolest attractions will be FREE that day.  Others, if you’re among the first people through the doors, you don’t have to pay.  The rest have plenty of discounted options for you.

Plus, you get to scoop up a ton of cool, free stuff while they’re at it.  Like complementary refreshments, balloons, gifts, and interactive tours.

It’s set for June 10th this year.  So, all day that Saturday means you get to bump around over 170 locations to see  what Connecticut has to offer without costing an arm or a leg.

In a way, it’s also the perfect preview on what you want to do for the summer.  You’ll get to discover everything the state has to offer.  Plus, if you see something you like, you can always head back on a day when you’re dying for something new and fun to do.

So, make sure you don’t schedule any yard work or household chores on the 10th.  Load the kids in the car and have FUN.  Who knows, they might discover a new favorite location this year.  Better yet, that new favorite place might be IN the state.

Hey, I know kids are all about Six Flags.  So, just saying.

Anyways, look at this year’s participants and figure out your plan of attack.   You can go anywhere in the state because there’s a swath of options perfect for you on a romantic night out, or places where you can take the kids and their friends on a dime.

That’s just a few reasons why you need to check out Open House Day.  Think about it: free stuff ALL over Connecticut.  Free fun for you, the kids, and your friends.  Plus, chances of you getting your hands on free food are pretty good, too.

So, there’s no good reason for you to miss out on that.

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