Last summer, hearings were held on a new tax concept that would help pay for a 30-year, $100-billion transportation overhaul program proposed by Governor Dannel Malloy.

The concept? Set up some sort of electronic tracking that would allow the state to charge a small fee on every mile a driver drives on state-owned highways.

The backlash was pretty intense as people online basically lost their minds over the idea, but that hasn’t stopped it from making its return, according to WTNH.

The report says Connecticut’s Department of Transportation is joining with other states to study the idea of charging drivers a fee for every mile they drive. Public officials were more or less non-committal, but it seems like this is a very real possibility, especially since the study is coming after the public so adamantly demonstrated their opposition to the idea.

Frankly, even if this tax does come to fruition (and I am with the people who really hope it doesn’t), it is a band-aid for a problem that needs much more attention. Malloy’s transportation plan, as well as the state’s regular annual spending, needs to come down before we discuss adding any new taxes.

Anyone who has stopped to read a headline about the state budget in the last 12 months knows we outspend what we bring in. That is patently unacceptable in any economic endeavor, be it personal or business-related. You can’t spend money you don’t have. For some reason, the state has acted as though it is the exception to that rule, and is now putting the burden on us to make up the difference.

Maybe, just maybe, you guys should look in the mirror, pick up a red marker, and dig into making reasonable budget cuts to you can stop looking to us like we’re your parents and you’re hoping we increase your allowance.

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