Here in America fast food is what most of the country lives on. It’s the one culinary leg up we have on most of the world. Having amazing fast food options.

Personally I was surprised at how many delicious fast food joints there were in Connecticut when I first moved here a few years ago. Which is why I was shocked when I read that Connecticut landed at number 38 on the Thrillist ‘Every State In The USA, Ranked By Fast Food’ list.

Here is their blurb about CT


38. Connecticut

Connecticut rises above most of New England on the basis of two Bridgeport legends: 1) Duchess, which is one of the only fast-food places I know of where you can order veal Parm, and 2) the original location of Pete’s Super Submarines, aka Pete’s Subs, aka Subway, and the $5 Footlong. But once you get out of Bridgeport (take the ferry!), you’re left with the usual suspects. Unfortunately none of which are Stephen Baldwin.
Notable fact: Subway’s original name, Pete’s Submarines, was dropped because people thought it sounded like “pizza marines.”


Sure. Duchess and Subway are major institutions that originated in our state (and who knew Duchess had veal parm?! I need to try that stat. It better cut with a fork, that’s how you know it’s legit), but there are SO MANY other fantastic fast food options. I mean, just hot dogs alone there’s like 20! The beauty of it is that there is also many local CT specific places too. Ummm… Louis Lunch anyone?!

I generally think the folks over at Thrillist do a stellar job with their lists, but this one? Great idea, disappointing results for CT.

That is a fun fact about the “Pete’s Submaines” name though. I’ll give them that.


Top Image via Thrillist/Jennifer Bui


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