Strawberry picking season marks the start of summer for many families.   However, this year will go down as one of the best in the books.  Sure, we may not have liked the weather leading up to June… but the strawberries sure did!

NBC Connecticut reports that Jones Family Farm in Shelton confirmed the happy news.   This farm is the highest authority on declaring a good strawberry picking season and what isn’t.  That’s because they are the oldest continuously operated pick-your-own strawberry farm in CT.

So, they know a thing or two.

Sixth generation farmer, Jamie Jones, explains why this year is so special:

“For strawberries, you’re at the complete whim of Mother Nature and what the weather’s going to give you. […] This is probably the first time in 50 years that we’ve never had a frost.”

While we complained about colder-than-normal temperatures leading into June, fruit farmers counted their lucky stars  In fact, everything went sorta right this year.

On top of no frost filled spring mornings, we also avoided crazy heat waves, unlike poor Ohio.  The extreme heat up north dramatically affected their strawberry picking season.

Heat causes smaller berries to grow.  Not only that, with Ohio dealing with a lack of rain, it caused all the berries to come out at once and not in a steady wave.

Meanwhile, here in CT, we have yet to go a full week without a deluge.

So, if you have a hankering for big juicy ripe berries, this is your year.  Sure, the weather absolutely sucked throughout the entirety of spring, but think of the silver lining! Farms all over the state tout healthy fields thanks to the perfect weather.

But, be quick!  The strawberry picking season only lasts about four weeks!  So, by this time next month, you’ll have missed it.

Do you think this signals a very good year for fruit picking all around?  What’s your favorite farm to pick your fruits and vegetables?

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