Holiday Shopping can be the WORST!!! I’m always looking for the gift that makes someone go “WOW”. I’ve did a little research and found some cool holiday gifts you might have never thought about giving…




Stone drink dispenser: $125.00

Cut from cobbled granite and affixed with a stainless steel spigot with a beach stone lever, great for an home bar!

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Personalized whiskey barrel: $85.00 – 200.00

This gift is perfect for anyone who is a whiskey drinker.

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pick punch:$25.00

Have a musician in your life??? This is perfect…make your own custom guitar picks.. it takes materials, like old credit cards or unused gym membership badges, and punches them into custom guitar picks.

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smartphone projector: $27.00

Pop your smartphone into this handy projector and unleash the potential of your cramped screen by projecting it onto a wall.

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Ticket stub diary: $12.00

Have a avid concert goer in your life…this perfect!! With this Ticket Stub Diary you can preserve your precious memories from concerts, museums, movies, sporting events, Broadway shows and more



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