If you heard a collective gulp! the other day it was from a whole bunch of elected and public officials who learned they could be on the radar of federal investigators.

Connecticut United State Attorney Deirdre Daly and representatives from five federal law enforcement agencies announced the formation of the Connecticut Public Corruption Task Force to “investigate corrupt public officials, the misuse of public funds and related criminal activity.”

A decade-long string of federal convictions of elected and public officials including a governor, city mayors and others created the moniker Corrupticut.

Connecticut pols certainly don’t own a monopoly on grease. Plenty of other states have their fair share. Why Connecticut? Follow the money honey. Where there’s money there’s temptation and public officials willing to extend a hand or two or three.

An interesting nugget from the joint news release declares:

“U.S. Attorney Daly explained that the Task Force is focused on rooting out not only corrupt elected officials, but also federal, state and municipal employees who use their position for personal gain at the expense of the public good. The Task Force also will investigate corruption that threatens public resources, the electoral process, and fair economic opportunities for citizens and businesses. In addition, the Task Force is charged with uncovering corruption within both public and private institutions that receive and misuse taxpayer dollars.”

When pols have their hand out or misuse public money, it’s impossible for taxpayers to get the best deal for how their money is spent.

If you hear about any funny business U.S. Attorney Daly encourages citizens to report corrupt activity by calling 1-800-CALL-FBI (1-800-225-5324).

Meanwhile, a word of advice to public officials: Behave!


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