By now you’ve probably heard of CTFastTrak, the bus system taking Hartford and New Britain travelers by storm.

It’s basically a train in bus form. It runs on an old train line. It runs local and express, using a bus-only roadway for some or all of the trip. It gets the right of way at some intersections. It gets you from A to B without the hassle of traffic and waiting. It’s awesome.

And, apparently, it is growing. According to NBC Connecticut, the bus system is going to extend its route to include service “to South Windsor, Vernon, Tolland, Bolton, Coventry and Mansfield.”

Now, to be fair, this isn’t relevant to all of Connecticut. Lots of us don’t live in those towns, couldn’t care less about their travel habits, and might even be bitter that they’re getting this cool public transportation option that we don’t have.

But be patient. This is the system’s first expansion and it hasn’t even been up and running for a year yet. Things are moving pretty quickly and if this expansion goes well, maybe there’s an argument to be made for another expansion. And if that goes well, maybe soon enough Connecticut builds a super long, super awesome bus-only road that covers the entire state!

Think about it: It would basically be an above-ground subway. If that happened and somehow found a way to bring Connecticut closer together, our state’s appeal would improve immensely.

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