Tired of the mess in Hartford when traveling on 84 or 91? There could be a solution on the horizon. A $10 BILLION solution…

Congressman John B. Larson put together a proposal to create tunnels to alleviate the traffic problems in Hartford. The two tunnels in this plan would have tolls at the entrances. (Because nothing speeds up traffic like tolls. You know we won;t be getting any modern system, they will probably use tokens) Larson hopes this would a project that the federal government would assist with. And with the price tag they would have to.

Larson said “It’s not a solution for the next 15 years, but the next 100 years and it addresses a major structural issue. We have a solution that projects out for the next 100 years and one that can be paid for. I think the time is right for us to do that well.”

Mayor Bronin seems to be on board saying “If you look back at the mistakes — some of them that have been made in Hartford, in the Hartford region — I think one of the biggest was to cut the city in half with 84 and to cut the city off from the river with I-91.”

The DOT already has a plan to lower the highway in order to open up space. Their proposal comes in at $4-5 billion. While that seems like a huge savings remember that the feds would probably cover half of what the tunnels would cost. Of course, the $10 billion in just an estimate and, if the Big Dig taught us anything, that cost will surely balloon.

What do you think? Tunnels with tolls? Or lowering the highways?

Via Courant

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