Mother Nature satisfied our dreams of a White Christmas, but she might strike again.  This time, however, on New Year’s Eve.  Yes, on top of the bitter chilly air… we will see those flurries make a grand return in just a couple of days.

Stamford Daily Voice reports that, while models are still early, we could see 3 to 5 inches of snow during the holiday.   Although, it all depends on how two storm systems in the south and Midwest interact.

The first system is in the south, heading near Virginia and North Carolina.  If it mingles with some of that Lake effect snow wafting from the Great Lake region… we could see a perfect storm, so to say.

Well, hopefully nothing too severe that’ll cramp our New Years plans.  Who wants to watch the ball drop alone… with their cat?

Okay, I may have already penciled that particular plan on my calendar, but things change!

AccuWeather Long-Range Meteorologist Max Vido offered more insight on the weather:

“The potential for a more substantial snowfall will be possible across the mid-Atlantic and Northeast if the northern storm links up with the southern storm.”

Should the stars align for a second winter blast, snow begins on Friday and lasts through New Year’s Eve.  When that’s all said and done, we could see anywhere upwards of 3 to 5 inches.

And, should it snow, you will want to shovel it before New Year’s Day because the weather will make everything ice up.  By that, I mean, the mercury will struggle to go beyond 20 degrees that day.

So, dust off your shovel and parka, you’ll need it for the upcoming holiday.  And, maybe, a space heater, too.  Lots and lots of warm blankets and space heaters.

Do you hope it snows on New Year’s Day?

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