It’s always nice to see something finally work out for someone after they’ve been through hell and back.
Maryann Daino and Dennis Klaus used to live in New York, until Hurricane Sandy came along and demolished both their homes. Maryann had a brush of death during the storm on Staten Island, where she was actually swept up by the surge and landed in a tree. Scary stuff. They moved to New Milford, Connecticut after suffering all those horrible losses and now, they’re CT Lottery winners.

$255,555 goes to them after they played the “5 Card Cash” game.

Maryann told WFSB Channel 3 News that ,”This is a new beginning for us”.

It certainly is. Maryann and Dennis went to put an offer on a “dream home” as soon as they picked up their cash prize. Maryann also said something that we can all relate to: “It’s important that people know you have to keep the faith because there is life afterwards, and there’s a wonderful life waiting.”

AMAZING! They deserve everything and more. The happy winners:

Via CT Lottery and WFSB Channel 3

Via CT Lottery and WFSB Channel 3

Top Image: (c) iStock/Thinkstock.

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