Connecticut can’t seem to catch a break. We’re a state with money problems, job problems, air pollution problems, and no sign of a brighter future ahead. Worse still, we’re surrounded by the best competition the east coast has to offer, with New York City to the south and Boston to the North. It’s little wonder why no one seems to stick around our state very long.

But just because things seem hopeless doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try and figure out how we can fix it. And for that, we are thankful that The Hartford Courant found a talented writer living in Dallas to give us the inside look at why he left Connecticut, came back, and left again.

The whole thing is worth taking the time to read, but the main point here is jobs. With General Electric officially out the door and other companies threatening to do the same, the state really needs to figure out how it is going to create jobs that will attract a younger population.

“Why bother?” You might ask. “Those millenials are just self-obsessed, entitled, and lazy. We don’t need them.” You might say.

And yeah, you might be right about some of that, but you’re definitely not right about not needing them. Whether any of us really like it or not, the only way this state has a hope of thriving in the future is by attracting young people. Without them, there’s no one to work here, make a salary here, and pay taxes here as the older demographics age and retire.

So if, at the end of the day, we have a millenial published in our biggest newspaper saying that he left Connecticut for Boston in 2010 because there weren’t any jobs here and then saying that he came back only to leave again in 2014 (this time for Dallas) because the situation hadn’t improved, maybe we should listen to that and take note.

Millenials might not be the most beloved group in our state, but they are the one that holds the key to Connecticut ever becoming a place worth living again. So listen up, because even when they’re moving away, they’re at least trying to help us see a way to bring them back.

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