It’s been a week since CT Boom launched it’s Connecticut’s Hottest Newsomen 2016 post and started tallying votes. And with 7 days of voting under our belts, we’re prepared to declare a winner and crown our Hottest Newswoman of 2016!

Congratulations to Courtney Zieller of WFSB! She takes the crown!

Zieller is a homegrown journalist, attending school at Wethersfield High School and Central Connecticut State University, according to her biography on WFSB’s website. She attended graduate school at New York University before heading out to the Midwest (Illinois, Iowa, and South Dakota, to be specific) to start her career.

In 2012, she came back to Connecticut to join WFSB’s news team, be closer to her family, and do important journalistic things like this:

In recent months, she has covered everything from a scammer pretending he has cancer to dupe people out of money, the ongoing crises at the DMV, and a texting scam. Add that to all the pictures she posts of her dog, Scotch, and her rise to prominence and CT Boom Hottest Newswoman fame isn’t surprising.

So take your victory lap, Courtney! In less than 5 years as a Connecticut newswoman, you’ve already won over literally thousands of fans.

Here’s how the voting rounded out for the rest of the Top 10:

  1. Courtney Zieller
  2. Kerri-Lee Mayland
  3. Angelica Spanos
  4. Maggie Slysz
  5. Stephanie Simoni
  6. Erika Arias
  7. Erin Connolly
  8. Heidi Voight
  9. Nicole Nalepa
  10. Rachel Frank

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