Mother Nature is hellbent on reclaiming her old territory.  First, it was bears.  Now, it’s the coyote.

So, The Hour reports that an incident involving a dog and a coyote closed a portion of the Norwalk Valley River trail.  Sounds scary, doesn’t it?  It must have been for the owner because the dog actually broke its leash to get at the wild animal.

Thankfully, the dog wasn’t injured after duking it out with the coyote.  Still, the incident triggered a total closure of that portion of the Wilton Loop.

As of now, that portion of the trail remains closed and well-decorated with yellow signage and caution tape.  On top of that, officials are pretty keen on educating the public on the do’s and don’ts of dealing with these creatures.

Well, the word they’re using is “coexist.”  Yeah, those coyotes sure coexisted very well with my guinea hens or the neighbor’s cats.  Sigh.

Anyways, it is good to take note that you are surrounded by wild animals and should be prepared just in case you encounter one.  For coyotes, they can be either really curious or very hostile.  There is no in-between.

Human-made noise is pretty effective in scaring away these critters.  So, make use of your voice and large size if you happen to tangle paths with one.  Bonus points for flailing your arms around like a giant flightless bird.

However, air horns and whistles work just as nicely.  Plus, who doesn’t love firing off an air-horn?   Heck, I’d toot my vuvuzela at a coyote if it meant it’d leave my pets alone.

Unfortunately, sometimes you might have to resort to more offensive methods if the creature doesn’t take a hint, though.  The Humane Society recommends employing the assistance of projectiles, like rocks and sticks.

Also, keep hazing the animal until it’s totally out of sight.  That way it gets the association that humans = loud, large and scary things.   Sure, you may feel like you’re being a huge jerk to the coyote, but hazing it ensures a better chance at survival.

Sometimes local associations carry coyote hazing kits that you can order.  Such as the case of the town of New Canaan.

Anyways, it’s never a good thing when wild creatures associate humans with food.  Most of the time, it ends pretty terribly for them.  So don’t feed or pet the wild animals.  Just don’t.  You are not a Disney Princess and can’t sing your way out of your self-created problems.

So, if you want to make sure all of Connecticut’s beautiful trials stay open this summer, prepare for a possible run in with some of Mother Nature’s followers.

Her creatures have been acting pretty spunky lately…


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