Call it an invasion or whatever you like.  But, all hell is breaking loose in one Connecticut city.  Coyotes are conquering New London.

NBC Connecticut says residents are practically on high alert thanks to these wild animals.  Because they’re everywhere.

Apparently, the coyotes are getting a little too comfortable and it’s causing major issues.

New London is not only getting a huge spike in sightings, they’re also dealing with a rash of coyote attacks.  It must be so unnerving to turn around during a walk and see a coyote following you.  Not only that, but some coyotes are reportedly as large as German Shepherds.

So not only will coyotes follow you around, they will also pick off your pet.   A woman said a coyote snatched up her dog right in front of her and took off.    It didn’t even care that she chased after it.

However, some residents say their fears go beyond protecting their cats and dogs.  They’re feeling uneasy about their children’s safety.   Sure, its too soon to start raising alarm since coyotes are known to avoid humans.  However, people aren’t ruling out the possibility.

For example, the town of Weston is fighting a similar battle to the point officials are saying “all hell is breaking loose.”  A woman said a coyote began attacking her when she ran out to rescue one of her dogs.

So, it’s not too far off to think a child could eventually get hurt.

Let’s be real, coyotes are wild animals.  Therefore, they’re unpredictable.  Plus, it’s impossible to find out how and why these creatures are losing their fear of humans.  On one hand, it could be because someone is feeding them.  On the other, it could be because their population is exploding and they need more space.

No one knows for certain.

So, anyways, it’s best to start keeping an eye on your pets when you let them outside.  Also, it’s probably a good idea to be a little cautious if you go hiking.  Coyotes are now showing up on popular trails and closing them because they’re getting a little too close for comfort.

Here’s the Humane Society’s advice on how to keep yourself safe if you stumble upon an aggressive coyote.

One thing I can say is that people need to stop crying that they’re reclaiming their territory because we apparently stole it from them.

Here’s a fun fact you should know: coyotes AREN’T native to New England.  We were here first. THEY’RE the invasive species.

They first showed up about 60 years ago.  So, those of us born after the first coyote sightings tend to think they were always here.

Spoiler alert: they weren’t.  They just happen to be really good at this whole adapting-thing.  Like, eerily good.

Almost a little too good, considering what they’re doing in New London and Weston.  They’re now loping around like they own the place.

Have you noticed a shift in coyote behavior?  What will the state do about this rising problem?

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