If you had four children and three dogs, would you live in a place where coyotes ran around it 24/7?  More importantly, coyotes that completely lost their fear of humans?

Greenwich Time reports that’s what happened to Greenwich resident Ilana Grady, a resident of King Street.  She says no longer freely uses her back yard because three coyotes completely took it over.

Grady says did her homework to prevent this from happening, but the coyotes seemed hellbent on moving in.  She studied every possible method to drive them away, from removing pet food to using loud noises to scare them off. But nothing worked.

The canines seem completely unfazed by any and all of her efforts to drive them away.  Grady said she used everything from air horns to cougar urine, but nothing worked:

“With the air horn, now they just stare a me.  It got progressively worse, very fast. … You would think that a crazy red-headed woman running after them with a baseball bat would scare them away, but nooooooo.”

Obviously, they make her life a living hell both in the day and night.  In the day time they saunter all over her yard to let her know they own the place. At night, her family attempts to sleep through their bloodcurdling howls.

In addition, Grady worries for her kids and dogs, especially since the coyotes started setting traps for them.  Well, that’s what she believes, anyways.

Grady says the predators will steal the dog toys and leave them at the edge of her property, as though hoping to set up an ambush.

She also notes the animals recently started sizing up their neighbor’s little pet pony.  So, it seems the coyotes don’t seem satisfied with just claiming her home.  They might try to conquer the entire street.

As of now, Grady says she keeps her kids and pets out of the yard because she fears for their safety.  The coyotes seemingly guard her property round the clock.

Frazzled, she eventually reached out to state wildlife officials for help.  Obviously, they suggested trapping and killing the problem animals before the situation escalated.

But since Grady is a proud vegetarian and a dog lover, she rebuked the idea entirely.

“They’re like dogs, and so beautiful.  There has to be a better solution. I’m receptive to anything.”

But because the coyotes completely lost their fear of humans, they may have already signed their own death warrants.  The second they attack one of her children, or anyone for that matter, it’s curtains for them.

Conservation Resource Manager Sarah Nahabedian hopes she and Grady will eventually find a solution that satisfies all parties.

Nahabedian says that while coyotes naturally fear humans, she keeps hearing more stories that claim the opposite.

Such is the case with the entire city of New London.

Since installing an electric fence is out of the question due to prohibitive cost, the town plans to bring in the state’s Bureau of Natural Resources Wildlife Division for support.

Grady seems to be the only person standing between the coyotes and certain death.  Although she admits she absolutely despises what the wild animals did to her comfortable home life, she hopes for a less fatal solution.

Here’s hoping that she will eventually be able to use her yard again.  And that her kids and dogs remain unscathed in the process of her advocating for the coyotes’ lives.

If you were Grady, how would you handle this situation?  Is she doing the heroic thing for standing up for the coyotes or do you think she’s setting herself up for heartbreak?

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